Looking for AV rentals company in Virginia?

MCS Events offers rental and technical support for the use of audio-video equipment in the Maryland/ Virginia/ DC region.

MCS Events rents profesional audio equipment ?

Yes. MCS Events LLC offers the best option for rental speakers near me. We deliver and set up the best sound system according to the requirements of your event.

If you’re one of the many who are wondering how much it costs to rent sound equipment or even where to rent a sound system, you’re not alone. You want to have an idea or price point to go off of when it comes to the event you’re planning. We are MCS Events LLC and we can help you with your next event.

Generally, when you ask this, we might not be able to give an answer right away because we first have to determine what type of equipment you will need. We need to know the setup required to establish the price. After a short consultation with you we will be able to give you a price estimation as well as explain to you our payment policy.

During the event, you might not have the time or know how to control the rented equipment. MCS can provide a technician to come out to do the setup as well as the management of the equipment for the duration of the event.

Should I Just Buy The Equipment Or Rent It?

Save money and consider your usage frequency when deciding between audio equipment rental and purchase. If you’ll only use it a couple of times per year, renting is a logical choice. However, if you’ll use it weekly or more, buying and learning to use the equipment might be worth considering. MCS Events offers various options to cater to our customer’s needs.

How Far Out Are You Booking?

It is better if you plan your event in advance, we can go to your site and see that everything is in order for the day of the event and plan time for installation and disassembly. If your event is last minute we can help you in the best way to make your event a success.

Do your crews set up the equipment?

MCS Events sets up and breaks down all heavy equipment (Tents, stages, dance floors,  lighting, etc.). Chairs and tables can be set up for an added fee per item.

Why MCS Events Rentals are the best A/V rental company in northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC area?

MCS Events are the best A/V rental company in northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC area more than 20 years of experience. Now we are in the DMV area providing tent rental services, sound systems, and light rental for parties and corporate events.

How can I choose the best sound system, lights, and projector for my event?

At MCS Events we can rent an audio system, lights, and projector. Depends on how many guests you have and the type of event. We have engineers and video and audio technicians who can provide you with the correct systems to rent in the DMV area, we also have delivery and pick-up service at low cost.

Here at MCS Events, we offer speaker equipment rental in Washington DC and Virginia area for all audience sizes. You can rent with us a speaker system from us to use on parties, birthdays, seminars, concerts, fashion shows, band gigs, trade shows, virtually any purpose, and more.

Not sure what type of speaker you need? 

Call us and one of our technicians will help you select the right speaker type and size based on your needs.

We can deliver your rented speakers or you can pick them up from one of our locations. We keep the rental process easy and simple, so you can focus on other important matters at your event.

How can I get the rental equipment to my location?

We have several options:

You can come toour offices located in Winchester and pick it up yourself.

We can also deliver and pickup rental items most anywhere in Virginia for a nominal fee.